Clinical Research Associate and Clinical Research Coordinator Course

  1. Why should I take this course?

    Our CRA & CRC course has been created to help health care professionals enter the pharmaceutical research industry. There are thousands of positions available in the research industry and by taking this course you can be part of it. 

  2. How long is the course?

    It's an eight weeks course. You only have to assist once a week for eight hours. 

  3. Is this a certified course?

    At course completion you receive a certificate as proof that you have taken the course. At this time there are no existing certifications required by the goverment to work as a CRA or CRC. There is a CRA certification available through SOCRA, but it's not required. 

  4. Will this course really help me get a job in the pharmaceutical industry?

    YES! Through this course you will learn about many aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and will prepare you for the thousands of positions available. 

  5. Do you guarantee that I will get a job?

    We really wish we could, but unfortunatly finding a job in any field requires many skills, personality and other factors that are dependent on the indicvidual. We do guarantee to give you the tools necesarry to help you have a greater chance of entering this ilusive industry.

  6. Do you offer CEs (Continued Education)?

    Not at this time. We should have this service available in 2014.

  7. How much does it cost?

    The total cost of the course is $2,500. We have different programs available that may help you pay for the course. Click here to find out more.

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